School Management Software for Better Management of Your Resources

The businesses all over the world are witnessing a tide of technology-driven changes. The business software Singapore like school management software are bringing a new way of governance to the educational institutes.

It is a make or break situation for the traditionally managed schools. If they don’t adopt and upgrade their internal processes with a web-based school management software, they will find it tough to stay in the competition. The students, as well as parents, lean towards the progressive and technologically savvy educational centers.

Change Your Ways with School Management System

The administrators of the traditionally managed schools do not have any choices open to them. They can but decide to go with the market trend or perish. However, there is still time left. And, it is up to them to convince the decision makers to invest in an online school management software.

It is actually a wise decision for the educational institutes like pre-schools, schools, trade schools, colleges, to implement a multi-module school management system. It efficiently streamlines the day-to-day tasks of the school and helps it in becoming highly effective and productive concern. The system assists in employing a school’s resources to their optimum level.

Currently, Singapore businesses are aggressively searching and harnessing the power of business software Singapore. The aim is to improve the office/ workplace productivity. Singapore government is the motivating factor behind this market trend. It is actively supporting the local businesses like schools with the funding and the grants for the purchase of the educational software. They want to enable staff members so that they can pull their weight and give optimized performance towards achieving core goals of the business.

Secure Your Data & Get Paperless Office

The implementation of an online school management system reduces the paperwork for the schools. The staff no longer have to maintain school registers and other paperwork manually. The software provides intuitive user interfaces to capture data. It is stored on the web servers and is instantly accessible. Moreover, the access to the data is restricted using Security Matrix. The authorized users can access it only by using their User Names and Passwords.

School Management Software to Automate Your Daily Tasks

The state-of-the-art school management software redesigns the way schools handle their student inquiry, tracking, and student enrollment/ registration. Such systems help educational institutes in putting their courseware, and other vital information on the internet. The students can access it easily. The software provides online forms and collects student details for the use of staff.

The use of a web-based school management system radically improves how students can connect with the schools. Harnessing the power of the internet, everywhere and anytime accessibility of information, is a tremendous improvement over the way a traditionally managed school is administered.

The student management is not the only task that can be automated using school management software. A module-rich school management system can provide biometric attendance support, allow easily handling of multiple branches of the school, facilitate instant communication with the parents and offers seamless connectivity with the popular accounting software.

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School Management System is a Useful Tool

Any administrator can search and select the best school management software using following modules & features.

  • Student inquiries
  • Student admissions
  • New student enrollments
  • Exams, Assessments, marks, grading, & charting of student’s academic progression
  • Students’ attendance
  • Student Fees
  • SMS and Email Reminders to the Parents
  • Student Management
  • Parent Management
  • Teacher Management
  • Course Management
  • Exam Managemen
  • Integrated Teacher Schedule
  • Multiple Branch Management
  • Finance Management
  • Email and SMS Reminders
  • Biometric Attendance support
  • Connectivity with Accounting Software

The task of updating a school’s in-house processes using an online school management software may seem daunting, but it is not. The users can access the system using the internet browsers on their desktop, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. It is as easy as accessing a website. You can see for yourself that there is hardly any reason to delay the decision and keep today’s net-savvy generation at arm’s length.

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Web-Based School Management Software Singapore to Streamline Educational Institutes

Nowadays, a lot many educational institutes are changing over to a web-based school management software Singapore. The change is for the better as it is keeping with the trend of using business management software for increasing their overall efficiency.

The school administrators, teachers, parents, and students benefit from the implementation of an online school management software Singapore. For the school’s staff, the benefit is in the form of reduced workload. And the school management benefits from the of freeing of precious human resource doing the manual tasks. It is a resource they could reassign to the achievement of core goals of their organizations.


Benefits of Implementing an Online School Management System

Today’s pro-internet parents prefer pro-technology educational institutes over those that are traditionally managed. It is one of the reasons schools all over the world are adopting school administration software Singapore as the most viable solution. In other words, the time is running out for the traditionally managed educational centers.

Reduce Your Dependence on the Paper-Based Files

There is a difference between how traditionally managed and pro-technology schools manage their data. The former relies on the paper-based files while the latter invest in school management software Singapore to do it.

The conversion of school’s financial and other information and student demographic details and preferences into the digital form makes it easier to store and retrieve at a moment’s notice. It only takes a few mouse clicks to do so. Maintaining paper-based records is a time and labor-intensive task.

The automation using school management software Singapore ensures security and availability of sensitive data and reduces the data redundancy.

Eliminate Data Redundancy

When a number of departments of a school capture the same data for their use, it leads to data duplication and redundancy. Adopting web-based school management software solves the problem. The software presents easy to use user interfaces and stores the captured data in the centralized depository in the web servers. The access to it is protected using Security Matrix. The users of the software are provided with User Names and Passwords which allows them easy access to the data.

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Better Student Inquiry, Tracking, & Enrollment

In a traditionally run school, student inquiry, tracking and enrollment/ registration ties-up school’s valuable administrative staff. A web-based school management software Singapore takes care of the problem through the use of online forms. The parents and students visit school’s website to know the courses offered by the institute.

The students can fill the forms to leave their information with the school. Automation of the task reduces the stress level of the staff, and more importantly, the students can access the information from wherever they are and at the time convenient for them. It leads to increased returns on investment.

Web-Based School Management Software for Streamlining Tasks

The implementation of school management software Singapore greatly enhances a school’s ability to streamline its day-to-day tasks. It works mostly by cutting down the manual part of the various functions. You need to be careful in selecting an online school administration software Singapore for your educational center. Go through the following list to know what you should look for in such a business software Singapore.

Student Inquiries

Student Tracking

New Student Enrollments

Exams, Assessments, marks, grading, student’s academic progression

Students’ Attendance

Student Fees

SMS and Email Reminders to the Parents

Students Management

Parents Management

Teacher Management

Course Management

Exam Management

Integrated Teacher Schedule

Multiple Branch Management

Finance Management

Email and SMS Reminders

Bio-metric Attendance support

Connectivity with Accounting Software

Taking Attendance is a Non-Core Task

Though it is an important administrative task, taking student attendance wastes teacher’s valuable. The school management software overcomes the difficulty by using bio-metric finger scanner. The scanners record the data which is immediately made available to the concerned staff of the school. The process is fully automated, full-proof and frees teachers from the non-core task.

Sending Fees Reminders

The school administration software Singapore offers a highly efficient module for sending emails and SMSs. It enables the school’s administrative staff, in addition to other things, in communicating fees status and reminders to the parents. The process is automated and saves time and cost of communication for the school. In a traditionally managed school, the staff has to either write to the parents or telephone the parents and waste valuable resources.

The innovative business software Singapore are changing the way businesses use to do things. The educational field is also being changed by the creative school management software Singapore. These tools are them with the ways to improve their efficiency and productivity and a chance to maximize their returns on the investment.