Tap the Power of an Online School Management Software

Are you giving a lot of thoughts to improve the efficiency of your school or tuition center lately? You may not believe it, but it is quite simple. All you need to do is invest in a School Management Software by a reputed software manufacturer.

Finally, the educational industry is witnessing the arrival of next generation school management software. These web-based school management system tools are making it really simple to manage day-to-day administrative tasks that take up a lot of human resources.

A school needs to hire qualified staff, and that does not come cheap. Investing it in tasks that are manually oriented is like undermining the potential of staff members. This is where the school administration software Singapore lends a helping hand.


Invest in Module-Rich School Administration Software Singapore

The module-rich school management software automates a variety of school tasks as per the requirements of the educational institutes. It results in the reduced workload for the staff. A less burdened staff can then focus all its energies on the core goal of the school which is to groom students for the future.

An online school management system entrusts a school administrator with a power-packed solution to address its administrative issues. It offers modules to automate and streamline the tasks like student inquiry, tracking, and student registration/ enrollment. It also provides highly creative solutions to take are of mundane tasks like student attendance, pricing of courses, student billing, payment management, etc.

Following are the key modules one should look for while searching for a state-of-the-art school management system Singapore.

  • Students Management

    • Student inquiry

    • Student admissions

    • New student enrollments

    • Exams, assessments, marks, grading, and charting of student’s academic progression

    • Students’ attendance

    • Student Fees

  • Parents Management

  • Teacher Management

  • Course Management

  • Exam Management

  • Integrated Teacher Schedule

  • Multiple Branch Management

  • SMS and Email Reminders to the Parents

  • Finance Management

  • Bio-metric Attendance support

  • Connectivity with Accounting Software like MYOB, Quick Books, etc

Key Advantages of Web-based School Management Software

Dedicated Module for Bio-metric Attendance Support

Today’s school management system Singapore enables teachers in saving time by automating the recording of student attendance. It is an important task. However, it is also a time-waster for the teacher and those students who are actually present in the class.

The innovative approach implemented by the school management system involves the use of bio-metric finger scanners. The system records the thumb impressions of the students and appropriately marks them present. The administrative staff gets the accurate data without having to do any manual efforts or waste any human resources to supervise the process.

Handle Multiple Branches

The school administration software Singapore comes really handy to the educational institutes that manage multiple branches of their school. The tool allows these institutes unlimited school setups and also facilitates unlimited uploading of documents. Having a centralized setup for all the educational centers under their auspices tremendously reduces administrative work for these institutes.

On-the-Go Access to Resources on School Software

Most importantly, the web-based school management software can be accessed from anywhere and at any time of the day. The school administrator and other authorized staff members can access it by using various types of devices like tablets, laptop or a desktop. They can even use an internet enabled smartphone for the task. All they have to do is access the system by using the web browser in the device.

The facility enables the administrators in keeping a watchful eye on the functioning of the school from wherever they are. They can access various reports generated by the system and if necessary, instruct their underlings to look into the matter. The adoption of a reliable school management system frees them from their workstation in the office and enable them to manage their schools On-the-Go.

Manage Cash Flow Using SMS & Email Reminder Module

Like every other organization, educational institutes have to keep a firm control over their cash flow. The authorities need to get in touch with the parents for the unpaid fees. Doing it manually wastes, time, efforts, and money. It is not a realistic approach where every minute counts.

The school management system solves the problem by providing a dedicated module for the purpose. It automatically sends SMSs and emails to the parents and let them know about the fees status. It helps the schools in recovering unpaid dues and increase its returns on the investment. It has a positive effect on the profitability of the school.

One of the major benefits of implementing a school management software is that it allows the school to reduce its dependence on the paper files. The move enables it to be a paperless organization by embracing the digital revolution that is sweeping the educational industry.

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Upgrade To a Next Generation School Management System

It is understandable if you as an administrator of a traditionally managed school wants to be part of the digital revolution that is currently sweeping the educational field. You will surely benefit by implementing a Next Generation school management system.

It is nothing wrong if an educational institute wants to get online and present its best face to its prospective clients. The web-based school management system allows it to establish its online presence in the similar fashion to the organizations from all the strata of the human activity.


Adopting Web-Based School Management Software

The web-based school management software Singapore allows a school or tuition center to be in harmony with the current technological advancements. The up-gradation allows them to appear as professional as any of the other organizations. It also gives the school administrators a fresh perspective on how they can streamline the day-to-day functioning of the school.

The online school management system, like any other software, allows the entity to automate its routine tasks and an opportunity to fiddle with the workflow in order to increase the efficiency of the whole organization. It is key to lowering of its operational costs which go a long way in enhancing their sustainability and survival. This is the USP of the online school management Singapore that the traditional educational centers should exploit to their better advantage.

Today, the students needing information on courses search for it online.
A web-based school management software Singapore allows an educational institute to put resources on the web servers and use online forms to deal with student’s inquiries, tracking, and student enrollment/ registration. These details remain available to the school even when no staff member has to interact using a telephone or personally with the students.

The systems facilitating online school management Singapore allow the schools to completely automate the process without the need of any human interference. The students can use these forms to submit their details. There is no need for the schools to allocate costly human resources for the task.

The freed human resources can be reassigned to other important tasks like achieving core goals of their institute. It automatically raises the efficiency and in turn, the productivity level of the school.

School Management Software to Streamline Various Tasks

A school administration, thinking of upgrading to the school management system should search for software that will support following day-to-day tasks in the school.

  • Students Management
  • Student enquiries
  • Student admissions
  • New student enrollments
  • Exams, assessments, marks, grading, and charting of Student’s academic progression
  • Students’ attendance
  • Student Fees
  • SMS and Email Reminders to the Parents
  • Parents Management
  • Teacher Management
  • Course Management
  • Exam Management
  • Integrated Teacher Schedule
  • Multiple Branch Management
  • Finance Management
  • Email and SMS Reminders
  • Bio-metric Attendance support
  • Connectivity with Accounting Software

Advantages of Using School Management Software

Attendance Using Bio-metric Finger Scanners

One of the time-consuming tasks that the teachers must do is that of attendance taking. Manually, it is really a waste of time and under-utilization of a qualified and trained teacher. However, school management system can automate the task using bio-metric finger scanner. It is a great help to the teachers. It is accurate and tamper-free.

Capturing Data

The system presents user-friendly interfaces to its user. It makes the capturing, storage, and retrieval of school’s and student’s data easy. It successfully reduces the school’s dependence on the paper-file-based system. The captured data is available to various departments of the school. It helps in reducing the data redundancy.

Central Data Repository

The captured data is stored on the web servers. The access to it is protected by the use of security matrix. It can be accessed only by the authorized user of the system. The Super User of the system grants access credentials to the other users.

Email and SMS Remainders

The system sends automated email and SMS reminders to parents and makes them aware of the fees status of their child. Manually it is a long process involving writing letters to or having the telephonic conversations with the parents. These timely reminders assist school in increasing its Return-on-Investment (ROI).

The schools are not the same. Some of them have multiple branches spread across a city or state. On the other hand, some of them are tiny pre-schools. Whatever the size, they do have special requirements that are unique to them. Many of the software manufacturers of the school management system customize their software to accommodate such requirements. If you are diligently searching for such software, it is better to have a thorough discussion with them and get the matter sorted as earliest as possible.

The emergence of e-learning platforms has pushed the brick and mortar educational centers on the back foot. In fact, some of them are fighting a losing battle. That is why there is hardly any time available for them for delaying up-gradation of their in-house processes. The implementation of school management system is a vital key component of the forward-looking educational setups.

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Upgrade to School Management Software: Move Ahead With Time

The latest breed of software has infiltrated every aspect of human activity. The educational industry is also witnessing a revolution through the innovative, web-based school management software. These tools are redefining the way schools are dealing with their internal processes. They are introducing schools, trade schools, colleges, and tuition centers to a highly efficient way of managing their workload.


Finding the Best School Management System

The schools and tuition centers differ in size and scope. Consequently, it affects what they need a web-based school management software for. An educational institute acting as an umbrella organization for multiple branches of a school would like to implement a school management system to centralize all of its operations among other things.

On the other hand, a small upcoming school would like use an online school management software to automate student inquiry, student tracking, and student enrollments. Such a move will assist it in establishing the 24X7 online presence. It will allow students and parents to access information about the courses offered by it online.

The school management software system enables them to access and fill online registration forms or leave their details without having to consult any of the school’s staff. It will not be necessary for them to visit the school in person or have a lengthy telephonic conversation with a staff member. The system allows them to handle following tasks.

  • Student inquiries

  • Student admissions

  • New student enrollments

  • Exams, Assessments, marks, grading, and charting of student’s academic progression

  • Students’ attendance

  • Student Fees

  • SMS and Email Reminders to the Parents

Sandwiched between the small and big educational institutes are the medium-sized schools that are eager to streamline their in-house processes to increase their productivity and efficiency. Upgrading to a latest, module-rich school management software gives them an opportunity to get a handle on their activities. The software enables them with their online presence and also assist them in taking care of their multiple branches.

Modules of Online School & Tuition Management System

If you are managing your school in the traditional way, then sooner or later, to maintain your competitive edge you will have to make a move and adopt the school & tuition management system. On the other hand, you, as a school administrator, may have arrived at the same conclusion on your own.

You may already have taken the decision to upgrade your school and have started evaluating the student management systems that are available in the market. You need to zero-in on a feature-rich student management software that offers integrated modules to take care of following tasks.

  • Students Management

  • Parents Management

  • Teacher Management

  • Course Management

  • Exam Management

  • Integrated Teacher Schedule

  • Multiple Branch Management

  • Finance Management

  • Email and SMS Reminders

  • Bio-metric Attendance support

  • Connectivity with Accounting Software

The implementation of web-based school & tuition management system enables schools in optimizing their costly and qualified human resources by withdrawing it from the manually intensive in-house processes. It enables them to strike a balance between the availability of its human resources, workload, and operating costs. It is an aspect of school management that no educational institute can ignore without getting pinched.

Opting for the most suitable online school management system for your organization gives you a centralized data repository where you can safely store your school’s and student’s data. The benefit is that the information is accessible from anywhere and at any time. It also remains safe from any hazard on the school’s premises as it is maintained on the web servers.

The information can be accessed using desktop, laptops, tablets, and smartphones over the internet. The business software provider makes sure that the access to the data is limited to only a few trusted staff members through the use of ‘User Names’ and ‘Passwords.’ All in all, a school management software tool is a great help in improving the efficiency and productivity of an educational organization.

School Management Software is a Boon for Modern Educational Institutes

Educational institutes of today’s era have to face fierce competition in the market due to the ever-rising expectations of parents and emergence technological advancement. The burden remains with the school to provide excellent result by employing cutting-edge technology. Many educational institutes are adopting web-based school management software in Singapore to stay competitive in the market by streamlining the day-to-day activities of the administrative department with the implementation of the automated tool.

Significance of School Management Software

It is of utmost importance to handle each and every activity of administrative department seamlessly in order to ensure the proper functioning of the school. However, the job of managing and handling of the administrative activities are considered to be daunting and challenging. The good news is that new and advanced technology-driven school software has made the job of administration incredibly easy and automated. It is fast, convenient and easy to use.

As a matter of fact, Singapore school management software has taken over the lives of educational sector of the city-state. The reputation of Singapore education system has further been enhanced with the use of automated school and tuition management system.

School Management Software

What is a Web-based School Management Software?

A web-based school management system is a software tool that one can use over the internet with a web browser. Unlike computer-based software, users do not need to install a web-based software.

A school software is a perfect tool for storing, mining and centralizing the important data of the educational organization. It simplifies the job of controlling day-to-day the activities and operations being carried out in a school. The data, once stored, can be used and retrieved at will, whenever needed. The best school software is the one that can be customized as per the requirements of the buyers.

Benefits of Online School Management Software in Singapore

In Singapore, the majority of schools prefer to buy a software solution that is web-based and scalable in nature. The abundant choice of modules or features is also taken into account when selecting the software. This blog is outlining the common benefits offered by a School Management software in Singapore.

  • An online software is a one-time investment with very low maintenance charges.

  • It is ready to use, simple and convenient.

  • The software solution centralizes the data into a system and accessible to all authorized users.

  • Data can be accessed by the users using any device (laptop, smartphone, computer, tablet) at any point in time and from anywhere (be it home, office or anywhere else).

  • Since data are securely stored on a centralized web server, there is no fear of losing data because of theft, misplacement, and fraudulence.

  • The integration with the accounting software eliminates the need for data redundancy.

  • A wide range of modules empowers the school to raises the standard of their performance in every field.

  • It saves time, cost and resources of the school.

A good school management software in Singapore comes with following modules:

  • Students Management – Enquiry, Registration, Admission

  • Course Management

  • Pricing Management

  • Student Billing

  • Payment Management – Fees Collection, Outstanding Payment

  • Teacher / Instructor Management

  • Class Management

  • Manage Multiple Branches

  • Admin Module

  • Parents Management – Monitor child progress, Parents Portal

  • Email support – Email direct from system

  • SMS – send SMS direct from system

  • Users Management

  • Finance and Accounting Management

  • Attendance Management

  • Flexible Reporting

Some Additional Advantages:

  • Keeping constant tabs on the performance of a student is made easy.

  • The interaction between parents and teachers has been enhanced.

  • As the administrative task are being taken care of by the automated system, teachers get more time for their core job.

  • Parents can monitor the academic performance of their ward while sitting at the office or home.

  • The age-old method of the paper-based system has been removed and thus, the cost of stationery items, infrastructure, and manual resources.

  • Parents received automated alert from the school via SMS and Emails regarding upcoming events, payment reminders, etc.

Enhancing the administrative efficiencies and decision-making process are the key driving forces behind the surge in the trend of implementing web-based school management software in Singapore. Nevertheless, other reasons may vary depending on the requirements of the schools.

It is worth mentioning that school and tuition management software is the latest and effective way of operating a modern educational organization. No matter how big or small your school or tuition center is, you must install an online school software to keep your organization running in an efficient way. It is an investment that is worth every penny you spent. Most importantly, this sort of software can be used manage multiple centers.

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Go Online, Get a Web-based School Management System Software

school management software singapore
School and Tuition Management System Software Singapore

Is there a need for a school management system software or these tools are hyped far beyond their usefulness?

Singapore is in the process of converting itself into a knowledge-based society. It is because the government values its human resource and has aptly invested in the education sector to ensure the supply of trained and qualified professionals to its industries. It means adhering to high standards of education and constant vigilance and attention towards meeting them. The need is fulfilled by the school management system software.

Why You need a Web-based School Management System Software

Ensuring quality of education is only possible if there is automation of manual tasks or the trained staff will be tied up in the performance of non-core goals. The colleges, schools, and universities in Singapore need to invest in automation tools like School and Tuition Management System Software.

Online School and Tuition Management System Software

The usefulness of the online tuition management system has prompted many schools and colleges in Singapore to investigate it. The tool assists in streamlining of their day-to-day activities like student inquiry, student registration, etc., by going online. Most importantly, it frees the trained school staff from mundane tasks and let the school management reassign them to the completion of their school’s core tasks.

Greater Degree of Control

The web-based tuition management system has the potential to transform the way schools functions in Singapore. The school administrators also benefit from the implementation of this tool. These professionals get a greater degree of control over the multiple schools’ activities as they can access the software from anywhere at anytime. The dashboard reports that they have access to give the real-time data about the status of the activities of the school’s various departments.


The schools and colleges as business entities need to manage their cash-flow to progress and prosper. The online tuition management system sends the email and SMS reminders to the parents regarding unpaid fees of their children. It helps the schools in maximizing their returns on the investment. As the software automates school’s various activities, it helps these entities in optimizing the number of their staff and at the same time, in cutting down their operational costs drastically.

Secure, Centralized, and Easily Accessible Data

The school database management system software maintains the data on the secure web servers. The fact allows the schools in going paperless. The access to the data is controlled and the school’s administrator, as the super-user, can grant the access to the other staff members.

Even in the case of some mishap at the school, the data remains unharmed and available over the internet. In fact, the authorized staff can access it using the desktop, laptop, tablets or internet-ready smartphones.

Web-based Tuition Management System Software: Modular Approach

It is an integrated software system that has well-built modules to accomplish different tasks. They are as follows:

  • Students Management

  • Teacher Management

  • Multiple Branches Management

  • Parents Management

  • Class Scheduling

  • Donation Management

  • Email and SMS Management

  • Exam Management

  • Reports and Dashboards

  • Bio-metric (Finger Scan ) Attendance support

As is in the case of web-based School and Tuition Management System Software needs no installation, and the users do not have to worry about the software patches, IT training, etc.

School Management System: How It Relieves the Administrative Burden?

school management system software
School and Tuition Management System Software

Technology has taken over our lives as it is making a great impact on the way we live and work. As a result, an inclination towards using technology can be seen in every walk of our life. Be it home, offices, public places or educational institutes. It is not surprising that large numbers of education institutes leveraging automated software in handling the hurdles of day-to-day tasks. Precisely, the school management system has made things a lot easier for administrators looking to simplify the processes and achieve accuracy. The manner in which school and tuition centers have improved the business efficiency is a testimony to that fact.

With right technology and innovation, it would not be wrong to say that the school management software is paving a way to revolutionize the educational industry. Over the years, the learning method has been changed tremendously. Given the benefits, more and more schools and tuition centers in Singapore are using this kind of school software to keep pace with the rising competition.

What is School Management System?

School management system is an automated software that streamlines the daily activities of a school. The software empowers the teachers, staffs by alleviating all the managerial burden off their shoulders and letting them focus on enhancing efficiency. It is an online solution that makes your office paper-free, that means you do not need to keep piles of files to keep the track of administrative records anymore.

Plus, you are relieved of gauging data of student manually. With the help of school or tuition management system, one can store and centralize the data online. You are no longer required to shuffle up filing cabinets to search a crucial data; it is just a click-away from your system.

Why Should You Use School Management Software?

The school management  or tuition management system software offers various benefits to the users. If you choose the web-based software rather than on-premise counterpart, the benefits would be manifold than the latter.

  • You do not need to install any hardware to get it started. Since it is an online “ready-to-use” system, you can start using immediately after buying.

  • You just type URL address in the browser and start exploring.

  • To use the software, you do not necessarily be an internet savvy. The basic knowledge of computer is sufficient to operate it.

  • The system store unlimited amount of data in the form of uploads and other records on a secure web server. The data remain well-protected.

  • The data store in the software is accessible to only authorized users. You do not need to worry about unauthorized access.

  • Every bit of information can be accessed quickly as all data are sorted in the database.

  • The data are available 24X7 and can be accessed from anywhere using any device with internet connection.

  • The system has good connectivity with the Accounting software, and the data can be used commonly by both accountant and administrator.

  • School management software syncs perfectly with your accounting software like Quick Books and MYOB, so that you stay on track with all your financial dealings.

The Main Modules of School and Tuition Management System:

  • Teacher/Instructor Management

  • Student Management

  • Parent Management

  • Donation Management

  • Resource Allocation Management

  • Payment Management

  • Course Management

  • Fees Management

  • Exam Management

  • Library Management

  • School Inventory Management

Taking advantages of school and tuition management system is essential to stay competitive amidst ever-rising competition among the schools in Singapore. Buy a good school management system in Singapore, leverage its benefits and let your school garner appreciation from all the parents across the city-state.

School Management System

School Management System Can Strengthen Parents-Teachers Relationship

The rising concern of parents over their child’s education has prompted to introduce technology in the form of School Management Software in the many modern educational centers and schools. The parent management module of the school software is the apt solution to the worries and concern of the parents. Moreover, nowadays parents are demanding instant and easy access to theirs child performance. And rightly, parental involvement along with the guidance of teachers results into a fruitful outcome.

Traditionally, the number of interaction sessions used to held between teachers and parents in a convention school is very few or zero. Barring a few parents- teachers general meetings, there hardly any interaction used to take place. The arrival of school management system has transformed the entire scenario. The manner, it simplifies all tedious administrative functions of an organization, makes it a vital part of a modern education system. Parent management module is a perfect instance to it. Precisely, it provides an easy mode of interaction between teachers and parents.

With the help of parents module of school management system, the parents and teacher could maintain an effective relationship and they can work in tandem. Tracking academic and other activities of a child now just a click away. It allows the administrative staff to keep parents in the loop without any extra effort of the teacher. This module of school management software is bridging the gap between parents-teachers and the issue of lack of interaction has also been resolved.

With the help of parent module, they can keep a track of their child timetable, daily schedule, exams report, weekly attendance. they can even be in constant touch with the teacher to keep a check on the teaching method and skill.all in all, the module plays a key role in fostering a strong bonding among them. Its interactive interface can keep parents informed and involved of ongoing activities of the school including meeting agenda, upcoming events, attendance and other school information. Parents can get access to all this information using authorized user name and password.

Furthermore, automated alerts via emails and SMSs of the software makes the system more appealing. It enables the school staff to send emails and SMSs to parents so as to make them aware of all the latest developments and updates taking place. It not only helps the teachers and staffs to address each individual parent personally in order to enhance satisfaction level but also streamlines other administrative activities of the organization.