School Management Software for All-Round Administration of Schools

You need a school management software if you are catering a large number of students each year. It is a complex & time-consuming activity that can enslave your qualified staff. Today, if you insist on processing your school and student’s information manually, it is sure to waste your valuable time and resources.

Unburden Your Staff with School Management System

An online school management software assists educational institutes in managing their workload. It automates day-to-day administrative and other tasks that are repetitive in nature. It is great business software Singapore to exert the firm control over their workflow. The overall result is a marked reduction in the workload for the staff and optimum use of skilled resources leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

School Management Software

Automate In-House Tasks and be Productive

The start of a school term is a hectic time for the schools, colleges, trade colleges and other educational institutes. It is the time when students and parents search for the courses and programs they are interested in. The school has to assign staff to engage them on the telephone or to attend them when they physically visit its premises. Both the options are wasteful. The schools need to use of a school management system to automate the activity.

Improve Your Student Inquiry, Tracking and Enrollment

The software helps the educational centers in establishing their presence on the internet. First of all, it helps them with the branding and secondly, it enables them in being reachable at any time of the day and that too from anywhere in the world. The software takes care of the student inquiries, tracking and enrollment/ registration in an elegant way.

The online school management system provides the students who are searching for the information on the school’s course-ware, programs, timings, deadlines, etc., with the online forms. The forms allow the schools in gathering students’ demographic which is most useful to the management in taking further actions.

Reduce Data Redundancy

The school’s staff has to take care of a number of tasks like data entry of student’s details, general register maintenance, entry of marks/grades, students/staff attendance, fees status, exam scheduling, class scheduling, teacher’s availability, etc. All of these tasks are labor intensive and fortunately, repetitive in nature. They are the prime candidates for automation which the well-developed modules provide.

Streamline Tasks Using School Administration Software

It is where an advanced web-based school management software comes into the picture. It offers to automate following tasks for the users.

  • Students Management
  • Parents Management
  • Teacher Management
  • Integrated Teacher schedule
  • Resource Allocation Management
  • Multiple Branch Management
  • Course Management
  • Class Administration
  • Exam Management
  • Fees Management
  • Finance Management
  • Bio-metric Attendance Using Finger Scanners
  • SMS & Email Reminder Management
  • School Inventory Management
  • Reports

Paperless School

Not only schools but businesses also get swamped by the paperwork their activities generate. Then, they also have to put up with the difficulties associated with the paper-based filing system. The major drawback of the system is it needs manual work to find a record which can get misplaced, lost, or stolen. Even the security of the data is not foolproof. The school management software overcomes all these difficulties and turns the school into a paperless office.

Get Instant Access to Data

The system digitalizes the school’s data and stores it on the web servers to be retrieved at a later date. The data access is instantaneous and can be done using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone at any time. The user interfaces provided by the software for capturing the data and other purposes are easy to use. The Security Matrix is used to restrict data access. The system asks the user for credentials like User Name and Password. Only the staff with proper authorization gets need-based access to the data.

The schools like other businesses need to maintain proper cash flow and generate profit. However, it largely depends on timely payments of fees. The unpaid dues harm the returns on the investment of the school. The web-based school management software comes with a solution. It provides SMS and Email Reminder module and automatically sends fees-due alerts to the parents. These timely alerts positively affect the school’s revenue generation and profit.

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