School Management Software for Automation of School processes

The school authority has to face lots of challenges on a daily basis just to keep the school running efficiently. Education industry of today has moved in leaps and bounds, what we could easily manage manually a few years back has become a Herculean task in today’s age. The ever rising competition among the schools coupled with emerging technology has forced us to find the paperless practice as the easiest way to maintain the school. A tool called school management software can easily solve the problems.

School Management Software

What is a School Management Software?

In general, a good School Management software is a web-based tool that automates the daily activities of a school, tuition center or any other educational institute. It is designed to facilitate paper-free administration of the schools. The automation of day-to-day activities and streamline the time-consuming manual processes which in turn, boosts the bottom line of the school. It boasts a variety of features that improve and enhance the overall administration of the schools.

Let us leaf through the features of a web-based school management software Singapore:

  • It is a ready-to-use tool that does not require any installation of additional hardware.

  • The users can log in with any of the browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari to get access to the software. (just type the URL of the software)

  • Compatibility with the main operating system (Windows, Mac) is an added advantage.

  • The data are accessible to only the authorized users. So, it prevents loss, theft, mismanagement of data.

  • The data once captured, can be retrieved anytime at your will. It will be stored in a central repository database on the secured web server.

  • It can be accessed at any point in time using devices such as the laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone having internet connectivity.

  • Integration with accounting software eliminates the need for data redundancy.

  • Availability of a variety of modules allows the users to get customized solutions based on their requirements.

Here is a list of a few important modules that makes the software highly efficient:

Students Management: One of the key modules without which one cannot think of a school management software is student management. As the name suggests, this module makes the task of managing student easy to a greater extent. Tracking information of student from the database is now a breeze for the teacher. It takes much lesser time to complete the various functions related to the student. Attendance, academic performance, achievements, extra curriculum, almost all vital information about the students can be accessed and managed efficiently.

Teacher Management:

A good and efficient school management software also accommodates teacher management module, and it helps the school administration to track information regarding the teacher’s activities within the school. Keeping constant tabs on teacher’s class schedule, report and other functions can be done in a jiffy. In fact, teachers can also make use of this module to be aware of class timings, student progress, and other classroom activities. Now, teachers can securely log into the database and access the data about student, classroom and school activities whenever needed.

Parents Management:

It bridges the gap between parent and student. Being part of the ward’s academic activities and keeping a constant track on their progress can be the toughest task for the parents. It is obviously not possible in today’s hectic life. However, parent management module enables the parents to get access to their child’s activities. They get updated information about school’s activities and academic progress report of their wards.

Biometric Finger Scan Attendance Support:

A biometric attendance support is a technology-based tool that enables the school authority to keep accurate attendance report of the employees, students, and staffs. It uses the finger scanner to record the attendance. It eliminates the use of age-old manual entry of data. The use of biometric attendance support ensures prompt, efficient and accurate management of attendance.

SMS and Email Alert/Notification:

The module of SMS and Email notification serves as an efficient communication tool. Automated SMS and email have been sending through the system for various purposes. Sending greetings on special occasions (birthday, festivals), payment alerts, results can be done through this feature. It is automated, prompt and effortless for the school authority.

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Apart from these key modules, the following are the variety of modules of school management software which makes the tool even more appealing and efficient.

  • Course Management

  • Pricing Management

  • Student Billing

  • Payment Management – Fees Collection, Outstanding Payment

  • Class Management

  • Manage Multiple Branches

  • Admin Module

  • Email support – Email direct from system

  • SMS – send SMS directly from system

  • User’s Management

  • Finance and Accounting Management

  • Attendance Management

  • Flexible Reporting

Make sure to buy the product from a reputed vendor such as SBS Consulting in Singapore. It should be cost-effective, comprehensive and responsive for the users. Automation of school activities has successfully excelled the quality of education. Now, teachers and parents can focus more on the academic part of the student than ever before. The more quality education, the higher will be the reputation in the market. This impression would surely help in boosting the bottom line of the school. It makes sense to buy a good web-based school management software Singapore.


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