Adopt School Management System & Be a Part of Digital Revolution

It is time to switch to a New Age school management system. The schools aim at providing quality education that will prepare their students to face the challenges of 21st century. It is a worthy cause for any educational institution may it be a college, school, or a trade school.

However, a large majority of traditionally managed schools are not up to the mark when it comes to using the advanced school administration software Singapore. The school administrators need to evaluate these tools and adopt whichever is useful to them. The school management system providing appropriate modules have the potential to raise the institute’s efficiency and productivity.

School Management System Singapore
School Management System Singapore

School Management Software: Streamline Administrative Tasks

As the number of students increases, it overburdens the administrative staff of the school. They had to deal with the student inquiry, tracking, and student enrollment/ registration. In the absence of a user-friendly school management system Singapore, they have to do it manually. It leads to wastage of time and resources and isn’t a prescribed way of running a modern school.

The staff has to engage the students or their parents in a telephonic conversation or have to wait on them when they physically visit the school’s premises. The human resources hired by the schools are qualified and hence, costly. A well-developed school management software enables an educational center to establish an online presence.

A state-of-the-art school management system assists the school in automating the process of student engagement with the use of online forms. The students use the form and send their details, the courses of their choice and their queries to the concerned person. The arrangement allows the school to get leads even without having to dedicate a staff member to the task. This is not the only task that a school management system Singapore can automate and streamline for an educational center.

Tasks a School Administration Software Singapore Can Tackle

If you have decided to upgrade your school and are currently doing your best to locate a user-friendly school management software, you should make sure that it at least has following features.

  • Student inquiries

  • Student admissions

  • New student enrollments

  • Exams, Assessments, marks, grading, and charting of student’s academic progression

  • Students’ attendance

  • Student Fees

  • SMS and Email Reminders to the Parents

  • Students Management

  • Parents Management

  • Teacher Management

  • Course Management

  • Exam Management

  • Integrated Teacher Schedule

  • Multiple Branch Management

  • Finance Management

  • Email and SMS Reminders

  • Bio-metric Attendance support

  • Connectivity with Accounting Software

Implementing a module-rich school administration software Singapore works best for the schools. A module offering bio-metric attendance support is essential for a school. As the name suggests, the module automates the task of attendance taking and relieves the teachers from having to waste first few precious minutes of their class. Most importantly, the attendance data collected is stored in the digital form. It is made available to the school’s administration as a file which is easy to handle than a paper-based journal.

Seamless Connectivity with School Management System

One of the problems faced by the staff using legacy software is of connectivity with the other software tools like accounting software. Today’s school management software actively assists the users in reducing data redundancy by offering seamless connectivity with the popular accounting software like MYOB, Quick Books, etc. The school management system Singapore provides easy to fill forms. It enables the staff in capturing of data. All the departments of the school then, use it for their own purposes without having to resort to reentering the data.

Today’s technophile generation presupposes certain standards from the business entities and the schools are no exceptions. The students and parents expect them to be digitally conversant. They expect to find the recognized schools online, especially, when they are searching for courses they are interested in. A well-crafted school management system assists schools’ administrators in exactly doing that i.e. being visible on the Internet.

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