Tap the Power of an Online School Management Software

Are you giving a lot of thoughts to improve the efficiency of your school or tuition center lately? You may not believe it, but it is quite simple. All you need to do is invest in a School Management Software by a reputed software manufacturer.

Finally, the educational industry is witnessing the arrival of next generation school management software. These web-based school management system tools are making it really simple to manage day-to-day administrative tasks that take up a lot of human resources.

A school needs to hire qualified staff, and that does not come cheap. Investing it in tasks that are manually oriented is like undermining the potential of staff members. This is where the school administration software Singapore lends a helping hand.


Invest in Module-Rich School Administration Software Singapore

The module-rich school management software automates a variety of school tasks as per the requirements of the educational institutes. It results in the reduced workload for the staff. A less burdened staff can then focus all its energies on the core goal of the school which is to groom students for the future.

An online school management system entrusts a school administrator with a power-packed solution to address its administrative issues. It offers modules to automate and streamline the tasks like student inquiry, tracking, and student registration/ enrollment. It also provides highly creative solutions to take are of mundane tasks like student attendance, pricing of courses, student billing, payment management, etc.

Following are the key modules one should look for while searching for a state-of-the-art school management system Singapore.

  • Students Management

    • Student inquiry

    • Student admissions

    • New student enrollments

    • Exams, assessments, marks, grading, and charting of student’s academic progression

    • Students’ attendance

    • Student Fees

  • Parents Management

  • Teacher Management

  • Course Management

  • Exam Management

  • Integrated Teacher Schedule

  • Multiple Branch Management

  • SMS and Email Reminders to the Parents

  • Finance Management

  • Bio-metric Attendance support

  • Connectivity with Accounting Software like MYOB, Quick Books, etc

Key Advantages of Web-based School Management Software

Dedicated Module for Bio-metric Attendance Support

Today’s school management system Singapore enables teachers in saving time by automating the recording of student attendance. It is an important task. However, it is also a time-waster for the teacher and those students who are actually present in the class.

The innovative approach implemented by the school management system involves the use of bio-metric finger scanners. The system records the thumb impressions of the students and appropriately marks them present. The administrative staff gets the accurate data without having to do any manual efforts or waste any human resources to supervise the process.

Handle Multiple Branches

The school administration software Singapore comes really handy to the educational institutes that manage multiple branches of their school. The tool allows these institutes unlimited school setups and also facilitates unlimited uploading of documents. Having a centralized setup for all the educational centers under their auspices tremendously reduces administrative work for these institutes.

On-the-Go Access to Resources on School Software

Most importantly, the web-based school management software can be accessed from anywhere and at any time of the day. The school administrator and other authorized staff members can access it by using various types of devices like tablets, laptop or a desktop. They can even use an internet enabled smartphone for the task. All they have to do is access the system by using the web browser in the device.

The facility enables the administrators in keeping a watchful eye on the functioning of the school from wherever they are. They can access various reports generated by the system and if necessary, instruct their underlings to look into the matter. The adoption of a reliable school management system frees them from their workstation in the office and enable them to manage their schools On-the-Go.

Manage Cash Flow Using SMS & Email Reminder Module

Like every other organization, educational institutes have to keep a firm control over their cash flow. The authorities need to get in touch with the parents for the unpaid fees. Doing it manually wastes, time, efforts, and money. It is not a realistic approach where every minute counts.

The school management system solves the problem by providing a dedicated module for the purpose. It automatically sends SMSs and emails to the parents and let them know about the fees status. It helps the schools in recovering unpaid dues and increase its returns on the investment. It has a positive effect on the profitability of the school.

One of the major benefits of implementing a school management software is that it allows the school to reduce its dependence on the paper files. The move enables it to be a paperless organization by embracing the digital revolution that is sweeping the educational industry.

About Us:
SBS Consulting, a corporate firm based in Singapore, has forayed into the field of business software development to provide a cost-effective and technology-driven solutions to SMEs. It deals with designing and developing a range of software products including school & tuition management system, clinic management system, payroll system, and CRM system


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