Go Online, Get a Web-based School Management System Software

school management software singapore
School and Tuition Management System Software Singapore

Is there a need for a school management system software or these tools are hyped far beyond their usefulness?

Singapore is in the process of converting itself into a knowledge-based society. It is because the government values its human resource and has aptly invested in the education sector to ensure the supply of trained and qualified professionals to its industries. It means adhering to high standards of education and constant vigilance and attention towards meeting them. The need is fulfilled by the school management system software.

Why You need a Web-based School Management System Software

Ensuring quality of education is only possible if there is automation of manual tasks or the trained staff will be tied up in the performance of non-core goals. The colleges, schools, and universities in Singapore need to invest in automation tools like School and Tuition Management System Software.

Online School and Tuition Management System Software

The usefulness of the online tuition management system has prompted many schools and colleges in Singapore to investigate it. The tool assists in streamlining of their day-to-day activities like student inquiry, student registration, etc., by going online. Most importantly, it frees the trained school staff from mundane tasks and let the school management reassign them to the completion of their school’s core tasks.

Greater Degree of Control

The web-based tuition management system has the potential to transform the way schools functions in Singapore. The school administrators also benefit from the implementation of this tool. These professionals get a greater degree of control over the multiple schools’ activities as they can access the software from anywhere at anytime. The dashboard reports that they have access to give the real-time data about the status of the activities of the school’s various departments.


The schools and colleges as business entities need to manage their cash-flow to progress and prosper. The online tuition management system sends the email and SMS reminders to the parents regarding unpaid fees of their children. It helps the schools in maximizing their returns on the investment. As the software automates school’s various activities, it helps these entities in optimizing the number of their staff and at the same time, in cutting down their operational costs drastically.

Secure, Centralized, and Easily Accessible Data

The school database management system software maintains the data on the secure web servers. The fact allows the schools in going paperless. The access to the data is controlled and the school’s administrator, as the super-user, can grant the access to the other staff members.

Even in the case of some mishap at the school, the data remains unharmed and available over the internet. In fact, the authorized staff can access it using the desktop, laptop, tablets or internet-ready smartphones.

Web-based Tuition Management System Software: Modular Approach

It is an integrated software system that has well-built modules to accomplish different tasks. They are as follows:

  • Students Management

  • Teacher Management

  • Multiple Branches Management

  • Parents Management

  • Class Scheduling

  • Donation Management

  • Email and SMS Management

  • Exam Management

  • Reports and Dashboards

  • Bio-metric (Finger Scan ) Attendance support

As is in the case of web-based School and Tuition Management System Software needs no installation, and the users do not have to worry about the software patches, IT training, etc.


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